Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Silent Majority

Quote of the week: "A wise man learns much from a fool but a fool learns nothing from a wise man." - CATO a Roman Statesman

The silent majority is a phrase President Richard Milhouse Nixon coined. He used this phrase to describe what he called 'The Silent Majority of Americans that supported the Vietnam war unlike the Americans that were protesting and marching against the war.  Well history proved Nixon to be wrong but there are times when the majority is silent, that is to say when the few are louder than the many.
     I believe there is a silent majority of African Americans that know there is something seriously wrong with the status and progress of a large number of fellow Black Americans.  A 50% percent dropout rate among black males in some cities and a 50% population of prison are a few of the depressing stats concerning this segment of the black population. What is the root cause of these issues?
Is it the policies of white racists whom continue to discriminate against blacks or is it the Asian and Arab merchants that drain most of the resources out of black communities, leaving no other option but crime as a means of providing for themselves? Or is it this fast changing world that has moved the opportunity of African Americans to places like China and India ?
        Well, I believe that  me and a silent majority of African Americans do not believe that the problem of the Black Community are due to white racism or foreign merchants or the world becoming a global market place.
I believe that most of Black Americans wounds are self inflected.
       There is a very small yet loud group of black politicians and TV personalities that continue to blame everyone else but Black Americans for Black Americans' problems. By not asking Black Americans to look at self for help they support a culture of hand outs and excuses. President Obama can't solve the above stated problems, neither can all the well meaning white folks in the world. The answer to black young men dropping out of school is a family issue with a family answer. Families make communities. So if the family unit is damaged, the community will be damaged.  If blacks want to own businesses then we must stop being a people whom prefer to shop instead of save. Black Americans are not poor in general we just spend money in foolish ways.
       These issues I have brought up are somewhat complex and deserve much more discussion. But I hope I have helped start the discussion. 'We are the help we have been waiting for." See
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Courtney R. Brown Jr.
C.E.O. Big Boss

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  1. You are right boss but the break down is in the family and the community as a whole. We have become a selfish people as long as I get mine you get yours. What happened to going to work buying only what you could afford, not owing so many creditors saving for a rainy day. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. What happened to talking at the dinner table and working things out not DIVORCE, what happened to reading the Bible, respect for your elders, block parties, PRAYER, and LOVE? What happened to it takes a village to raise a child, what happened to dignity and pride, WHERE IS OUR VALUE AND SELF WORTH, it can't be found in the clothes we wear the cars we drive the stuff we own it is in our Morals where we stand on issues effecting us our neighborhoods our schools our legal systems where are the Martin Luthers of the day where are the Malcolm X's. Unfortunately they now carry the names Emiem and Snoop and Neo and 50cent and they are not talking value but disrespect and violence and anti social and drugs and drinking and demoralization. We need to stand up to and for our children and God and Godly Principles and value and morals and self accomplishment,